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Floral Supplies - Pollard's Florist

Floral Supplies
Pollard's Florist

Pollard’s Florist in Newport News, Virginia carries wholesale floral supplies for all your floral needs. Check out Pollard’s Florist floral supplies to complete your next floral project. *We are unable to deliver wholesale items at this time. All orders placed online must have a week's advance - if you have any questions, please call the store at (757) 595-7661. Thank you for understanding*
Pollard’s Florist in Newport News, Virginia is your one stop for all wholesale floral supplies. Not only do we carry the flowers, we also carry the floral supplies! Whether you are creating your own corsage or centerpiece, Pollard’s Florist sells everything you need. The florists at Pollard’s know - wholesale flowers, supplies, and silk flowers are the most affordable option for DIY floral projects. Visit Pollard’s Florist to speak with a flower shop associate; and to scope our collection of floral supplies. Looking for more options? Check out Wholesale and Bulk Flowers