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Bulk Flowers
Pollard's Florist

Pollard’s Florist in Newport News, Virginia offers wholesale and bulk flowers. Sold by the bunch, Pollard’s Florist’s wholesale flowers are economically-friendly and affordable. *We are unable to deliver wholesale items. All orders placed online must have a week's advance - if you have any questions, please call the store at (757) 595-7661. Thank you for understanding*
Are you searching for ways to purchase wholesale flowers in bulk in Newport News, Virginia? You’ve come to the right place. Pollard’s Florist in Newport News, Virginia contains a wholesale flower department! Pollard's Florist carries a wide array of wholesale flowers and flower supplies, including silk flowers and DIY wedding flowers. If you are hosting and event and would like to create mini centerpieces for each table, why not choose wholesale flowers and create your own? Wholesale flowers from Pollard’s Florist are a time-saving, money-saving option for buying flowers in bulk.